Monday, 16 April 2012

Types of brain tumors

Brain tumors can be divided into two types: benign and malignant. Benign brain tumors differs by slow growth and lack of metastases - secondary lesions resulting from the transfer of tumor cells from the affected area of ​​the body to other, healthy tissues. In structure the cells of benign tumors do not differ from normal cells, but as proof Neurosurgery in Israel, the rapid growth of tumor cells leads to an increase in the volume of the contents of the cranial cavity and, therefore, provokes high cranial pressure and other symptoms. The main danger of benign tumors - the danger of their transition into the category of malignant neoplasms. If a brain tumor located in the critical region of the brain, its development is a serious threat to the patient's life. Thus, treatment of brain cancer abroad aimed at the timely prevention of further tumor development.
Malignant brain tumors differ from benign plenty of rapidly dividing cells capable of metastasis to other organs, and their defeat. Oncology in Israel divides malignant tumors of the brain (brain cancer) in primary and metastatic. The primary, or as they are called, local, grow directly from the brain tissue, meninges, blood vessels and nerves. Metastatic tumors - those that are recorded in brain tissue with blood or lymph currents.Treatment, effectively combats both those, and others.
Neurosurgery and Oncology  called the following causes of cancer: radiation exposure, genetics (innate predisposition to the disease), chromosomal abnormalities, traumatic brain injury and several others.Thus, treatment of brain tumors may need a person of any age, any ethnicity and race.

Diagnosis of brain cancer

Treatment of brain cancer in Israel begins with a diagnosis of the disease.Since the early stages of the cancer cells have a small tumor size, cancer in Israel warns of the difficulties of diagnosis. At this point, intervention is required neurosurgery. Neurosurgery uses a wide range of diagnostic studies of the brain. Thus, the diagnosis of brain tumors abroad involves a complete neurological examination, CT, magnetic resonance and positron emission tomography, angiography, stereotactic biopsy, ventrikuloskopiyu, electroencephalography, lumbar puncture, nuclear magnetic resonance of the head.
Neurosurgery is based on years of experience in the treatment of brain tumors, highly qualified doctors use the latest equipment. Treatment of brain tumors in Israel takes place on the basis maloinvazimnyh techniques and in a fairly short period of time.

Treatment of brain cancer

Treatment of brain cancer suggests, mainly surgery - removal of the tumor. It also uses the method of radiotherapy, radiosurgery, the use of gamma knife. If a malignant tumor began to metastasize - to penetrate into other nearby tissue, the treatment of brain cancer abroad involves chemo-and radiotherapy. For removal of brain edema, reduce pressure and reduce the heat in the patient brain surgery in Israel applies the techniques of hyperthermia and immunotherapy, as well as corticosteroids - anti-inflammatory actions of steroid hormones.
Treatment of brain tumors in Israel depends on many factors: the size, type and location of the tumor, the patient's age and his health. Treatment abroad involves a course of therapeutic and diagnostic and remedial programs developed by a physician for each patient individually.


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